Financial Solution

Guiding Young Pharmacists to achieve Financial Freedom and live the life that they truly deserve much sooner


About Financial Solution

As a wealth strategist, my primary goal is to show you how to set the right foundation for building wealth. You will also learn how to build and protect your wealth so that you can achieve your financial freedom by 40.

I don’t know about your pharmacy school but the final information the financial aid instructor at mine shared with us after our program ended was just about student loans and repayment. I felt super lost about how to manage my finances and how to have my money work harder for me until I decided to seek the right guidance.

For example, who could have thought there was more to life insurance than someone dying and someone else getting all the money? 


My Example

Let me blow your mind really quick, I leveraged my own cash value life insurance to start my rental business! The two homes that I set up with it now make me almost $4000 monthly, which covers my personal living expenses. You see how I was able to walk away from my pharmacist job after 10 of them?

The right information is key…

And YES!! I’d love to show you how to take advantage of this tax-free vehicle as well and get you started with one that best suits your needs.

My Journey

My Goal

My personal goal is to be financially free by 40 even though I’m well on my way to achieving it before then.

It’s been my pleasure inspiring other young professional women to know their worth, understand how the financial system works, and fight for the lifestyle they want much sooner.

Do not worry

If you need other financial solutions like stocks, index funds, mutual funds, retirement plans, REITs, etc, your needs will be met. I will be happy to connect you with my trusted partners at my firm who specialize in those areas.

If you are Ready to Have Your Money Work Harder for You!