About Me

40 is the new retirement age!

Who am i

Meet Dr. Rashidat

Hello, I’m Dr. Rashidat Sanni, a retired pharmacist who helps other young female pharmacists confidently resign from their unfulfilling jobs and achieve financial freedom by 40. 

I am also challenging the notion of retiring at 65. Why wait for so long if you can fulfill your goal much sooner? I am doing it, so can you!

40 is the new retirement age! 

Years of Experience
My Story

How I started

I started my career the traditional way as a pharmacist. However, after being laid off unexpectedly from my “secured” job, I realized that I couldn’t rely on a job long-term. That was when I decided to fully embrace entrepreneurship. 

I started my journey in the financial sector in 2018 but expanded into real estate in January of 2022. My focus is on providing mid-term rentals leveraging other people’s properties and money (including my life insurance).

My Journey

How It’s Going

The good news is I was able to go from zero home in January 2022 to 10 of them by October 2022. My homes generate me semi-passive income, more than enough to replace a full-time pharmacist income. How cool!

Based on my results, I am pleased to say that I was able to set myself free from my job on September 30, 2022! 

My personal goal is to be financially free by 40 even though I’m well on my way to achieving it before then.

My Passion

I am more passionate about helping other young professional women shine outside of their regular jobs, build wealth earlier in their career, and live their dream life much sooner.

Focus on Business

I would also love to show you how I leveraged other people’s money to start and scale my mid-term rental business, teach you how to start your own mid-term rental business, make passive income, lower your tax liabilities, protect your assets, and keep more income working for you. 40 is truly the new retirement age.