40 is the New Retirement Age!

Guiding Young Pharmacists to achieve Financial Freedom and live the life that they truly deserve much sooner

40 is the New Retirement Age!

Guiding Young Pharmacists to achieve Financial Freedom and live the life that they truly deserve much sooner

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Who Am I

Dr Rashidat Sanni is a Pharmacist by profession, Wealth Strategist, coach, and now Entrepreneur. She has been helping young female pharmacists like herself understand that they have a unique ability to create wealth outside of an unfulfilling job.

She helps these women start businesses and protect their wealth in order to achieve financial freedom and live the life they desire much sooner.

Years of Experience

My Inspiration

You know how we were brainwashed into believing that the only way to achieve financial success is to go to school, get the highest-level degree, and then get a good job to do for the rest of our lives? Well, that just gets many of us stuck at the jobs we are not happy with for decades. In addition, the more we work, it feels like the less money we bring home due to high income taxes. These jobs are not even as secure as we were made to believe because we could lose them at any time.

I remember when my husband and I lost our jobs unexpectedly at the same time. That was one of the scariest things ever. Many uncertainties and anxieties set in. What if we do not find another job before our emergency fund runs out? What if we are evicted from our home for not being able to pay rent? Fortunately, we had several months of expenses money saved up and I had a side business that I was growing at the time. These helped us get by during the tough times without relying on government support.

I could recall a similar experience with my parents when I was much younger. My father was unemployed for many years after he lost his job. Fortunately, my mother was working at the time and had a business that she was building on the side. The eight-year-old me would marvel at how my mother joggled being a wife, mother to five children at the time, a job, and a business. That showed me how important it is for women to have multiple sources of income and that there is always a way when we are willing to get things done.


My Goal

My goal is to help young female pharmacists and health professionals shine outside they regular jobs, build sustainable wealth earlier in their career, become financially free, and live their dream life much sooner.

4O is the new retirement age!


My Inspiration

Growing up, my mother inspired my sisters and me to build our own empire. She made us the independent women that we are today because she instilled discipline and hard work into us while leading by example.

My Passion

I am more passionate about helping other young professional women shine outside of their regular jobs, build wealth earlier in their career, and live their dream life much sooner.

Focus on Business

I would also love to show you how I leveraged other people’s money to start and scale my mid-term rental business, teach you how to start your own mid-term rental business, make passive income, lower your tax liabilities, protect your assets, and keep more income working for you. 40 is truly the new retirement age.

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